Why I do what I do.

Not long ago I wrote a post about my defining my niche in photography. While I think that it is important to define and understand what it is that we photograph (or anything else that we do), it is more important to define why we do it. Some people are driven by money, others by a need for recognition. Then there are others whose desire is to create controversy and sow turmoil. The understanding of why we do what we do is more important than what it is we actually do.

In the movie “The Muppet Movie”, Kermit the Frog travels to Hollywood to become a movie star. His motivation for leaving his home was not money or fame, but to “make millions of people happy.” My motivation for my photography and art is very similar. If people look at my images and see beauty, find a moment of peace, are encouraged or blessed, then I have been successful in my craft. My primary medium for doing this is by combining either my photographs or art images with Scripture. Through this I find my greatest satisfaction.

If you would like to see more of these types of images, you can visit my other blog: A Quiet Corner.

Romans 14-19

If you have a niche, scratch it!

I was talking to Heather today about how people who think of themselves as photographers all have a certain niche of photography that they pursue as their specialty. (While we were talking she popped out with the statement that I used as the title of this post!) I had been trying to define exactly what my niche was. This really helps when people ask what kind of photography I do. Some categories were too broad, such as fine art photography. I love to photograph flowers, but so much more than that. I enjoy landscape photography, but not to the same degree. I finally decide that I am a botanical photographer who also dabbles in other areas.

I think that it helps to define what your niche is. It often saves time, money and energy by helping me focus my limited resources on areas that are important to me. It also helps me to understand those areas that I don’t enjoy and don’t want to pursue. I don’t enjoy photographing people, so there is no point in studying to any great degree portrait, wedding or street photography.

So, do you have a niche? If so, scratch it!

Ranger, Texas