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The first of February we finishing our third season volunteering at the Castolon Visitor Center in Big Bend National Park, Texas.  A common question that I hear in the Visitor Center goes something like..”Do you know the name of this flower (plant, tree, etc.) that I saw….?”. Since I knew almost nothing about plants of the Chihuahuan desert, I wasn’t much help. Unfortunately, a lot of the books we looked at didn’t help much because either the pictures were too small or of poor quality so identification was difficult. This is where the inspiration for our project book came about.  For three seasons, we have been hiking trails and taking photos of the plants we have seen here.

The book is available for viewing or to download for free here in  PDF format.  It works well on tablets as well as PC’s.  A PDF reader is required to view it.

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I did not come this far-nor to this place-alone, but in the presence and power of my God.
The circumstances of this moment are not greater than my God. He knows them better than I do, yet He permits them. And He will overcome them-within me if I will allow Him. Mine is not to fret as though He does not know, or care, or cannot overcome. Mine is to walk on knowing that He is here.
I am His by His creation, and His new birth. I am His to do with as He chooses-to bless or to use up, to serve or to simply endure. The day belongs to my Lord, and it is the only day I have to serve and glorify Him. And so I shall give all that I have and am that for this one day He shall be honored. – Author Unknown



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