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Changes and Transitions

One thing we know about life is that is doesn’t stay the same. A little over four years ago, my wife and I sold our home and moved into a 33 foot motorhome. We sold or gave away everything that wouldn’t fit into the motorhome and hit the road. Talk about downsizing!

Well, after four years we have downsized again! My uncle is now in his 90’s and, while still very active, just plain needed some help. He lives in Colorado and his three children live in Oregon, California and England. It didn’t seem fair for him to have to leave all of his friends and activities to move where they are, and he could not afford to pay for house cleaning services and the possibility of assisted living. Since we (my wife and I) were the only family that really was foot loose and fancy free, we talked it over with my uncle and came up with a plan. Long story short is that we are moving in with him in his two bedroom apartment. We sold the motorhome in 24 hours and after less than a week have blended (sort of) our two households. A lot of things had to be given away or thrown away to make the fit into the apartment.

These are stressful times for all of us as we try to adjust to each others lifestyles. Pray for us all!

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