The Project Book

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We are just finishing our third season volunteering at the Castolon Visitor Center in Big Bend National Park, Texas. A common question that I hear in the Visitor Center goes something like..”Do you know the name of this flower (plant, tree, etc.) that I saw….?”. Since I knew almost nothing about plants of the Chihuahuan desert, I wasn’t much help. Unfortunately, a lot of the books we looked at didn’t help much because either the pictures were too small or of poor quality so identification was difficult. This is where the inspiration for our project book came about.  For three seasons, we have been hiking trails and taking photos of the plants we have seen here. This week, we finished the final draft of our book that hopefully will be printed and available for viewing at all 5 of the visitor centers here in Big Bend NP.  This is an…

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A Little Before and After

Ted Griffith's Photo Art Studio

I decided to go back and revisit a photo I took a little over a year ago. It was my first serious go at star photography. Since then I have been learning and experimenting with the post processing of these types of images.

Original Image Original Image

New Post-processed Image New Post-processed Image

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