Words, Words, Words.

It is amazing how much we can be manipulated by the words of others. In a book I was reading recently, one of the characters was being attacked in a series of editorials in a newspaper. (This book is a novel, not based in fact) It is amazing how much emotional impact words can have on our thinking.

For example if someone you know and trust tells you that another person is “rigid, inflexible and narrow minded”, what would your opinion of that person be? However, if that same person was described and “having strong, moral convictions”, your attitude might be entirely different. The only difference between the two descriptions is personal perspective and whether the speaker agrees or disagrees views of the person they are describing.

With the current state of the media today, it really is a shame that critical thinking isn’t taught in schools these days. People, as a whole, are easily swayed by public opinions, friends and family. The Bible is right, we are like sheep!

Painted Lillies


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I'm a financial counselor/coach who loves photgraphy.
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One Response to Words, Words, Words.

  1. cecilia says:

    Good morning Ted! Been a while since I popped in and what wise words you have written. So much nowadays depends on words. with emails and blogging and txting.. we need to be very careful how we write so as not to hurt or harm.. c

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