Why Are You Following Me?

There was a time when having a lot of followers of my blogs was something that I sought, thinking that the people following were interested in what I was posting, but not now. I have noticed that a quite a few people are following my blogs now, and more follow almost every day. I have also noticed that the vast majority of them have only visited my blogs once, when they initially followed.

Why do people do this? Do they believe that because they follow my blog, I will follow theirs? Or is it merely a new type of junk mail with which they are able to get into my email with what amounts to an advertisement to follow them?

I don’t know about you, but one of the most precious commodities that I have anymore is time. When I follow someone’s blog, it means that I am interested in what they are doing, and that I will commit to stopping by from time to time. I don’t always comment, because I do have a difficult time communicating in written form.

So, please, if you are genuinely interested in what I blog about, by all means follow. However, if your only purpose in following is to get me to follow you, please don’t bother.

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument


About tedgriffith

I'm a financial counselor/coach who loves photgraphy.
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3 Responses to Why Are You Following Me?

  1. Ann Koplow says:

    Interesting thoughts, and wonderful photo.

  2. Debbie says:

    I understand what you are saying Ted. When I returned to blogging, things had changed and I too began getting followers whose interests and blogs were quite the opposite of mine. I really only have a small core that actually read . . .and that is okay! Thanks for addressing this!

  3. My Heartsong says:

    follow for the photography and messages.

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