The Camera- Which One?

The Camera- Which One?

Ok, you’ve decided that you want to be a photographer, so now you need to make a decision on what is the best camera for you to buy. In my opinion, the best camera is one that you will actually use.

Some start out thinking that they need the latest and greatest in cameras, and then spend so much time trying to figure them out that they either give up or really don’t enjoy taking photographs because the whole process becomes too complicated.

Many people start out with the camera in their cell phones. Those can be a great starting place to learn the basics, but if the bug bites you will soon want to upgrade to something that allows a little (or a lot) more creativity and control. When learning to ride a bicycle, children usually start with a tricycle, then a bike with training wheels, and then the training wheels are removed. Next may come a bicycle with gears and eventually some even go into racing or other forms of competition. Start out with as much as you can enjoy, leaving some room for challenges, and work up from there.

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I'm a financial counselor/coach who loves photgraphy.
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2 Responses to The Camera- Which One?

  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks Tom! Good advice!

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