Isaiah 41:13 – Fear Not

What is your greatest fear today? Cancer? Dying? Losing your spouse? Money problems? Problems with children, parents or others? How about losing your job? Ebola and all the other scary diseases out there today?
For too long I avoided my fears, not wanting to acknowledge them to myself or to others. I tried to hide them away, but they were always in my heart and mind, getting bigger and bigger.
Now I name them daily, calling them forth into the light. Then when I have called them forth, I compare them to my Lord who holds my hand. Suddenly, they aren’t so big or scary anymore. There is nothing so big and scary that my Lord isn’t bigger and more powerful.
And He loves me!
The problems may still be there, but they no longer have the power of fear over me. Often I need to do this many times a day, but the power that fear has had over me is diminishing as the peace of God increases.


About tedgriffith

I'm a financial counselor/coach who loves photgraphy.
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