Westward Ho!

We are back on the road again after our month’s stay in Denton. We did not get as much accomplished as we hoped to, but the things left undone can still be done while on the road. Most of our annual ‘spring cleaning’ is done, the motorhome has had it’s tune-up, bath and wax, Dug got his vaccinations up to date along with a trip to the doggy spa for a bath. We renewed our passports (and actually got them back before leaving town).

The first stop of this journey is in the little town of Ranger, Texas. It is good to be out of the city again. We took a walk in the evening and Heather showed me some thistles that she had seen earlier along with some prickly pear.

Ranger, Texas

Ranger, Texas

Ranger, Texas

We will be back in Big Bend National Park by the end of the month and start our 3 months of volunteering the first of November.


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I'm a financial counselor/coach who loves photgraphy.
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