Seen on the Web

Seen on the Web


About tedgriffith

I'm a financial counselor/coach who loves photgraphy.
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3 Responses to Seen on the Web

  1. lauramacky says:

    Did you use Topaz Glow? It would be the perfect plugin for this image! Nice job!

    • tedgriffith says:

      Hi Laura! And thanks! No, I used Topaz Impressions for this image. I had tried out Glow for a little while, but found it a bit limited in its application for me compared to Impressions. I am still in the trial period for Impressions, and will purchase it as soon as I can afford it.

      • lauramacky says:

        You are so welcome Ted. I love the way you applied the effect. Ahh…I have Impressions too and I love that plug-in! Right now there is a sale on it. Have you seen their site? I think you can get it for a lot cheaper with the coupon code they provide. If that expires, then try the code stuckincustoms. I think you get something off via that too.

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