It’s Got to Get Better

Well, the new year certainly started out different. I just hope that it isn’t going to be like this the whole year. There was a storm in the region on January 2nd and we lost power late that morning before noon. We were without power for 4 1/2 days before it was restored about 7 pm on the 6th. Living in the motorhome we weren’t to bad off because we had our own heat (propane), generator to charge batteries and our refrigerator works on propane. The down side was no gas available (the drive to get groceries is 1 hour one way), no laundry, no phone. Yesterday was laundry day because I was working, today is grocery day. Thank goodness for beans and rice.

Here is a picture I took the other night of the moon rising behind Cerro Castellan here in the park.

Tig's January 06, 2015-013

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