Church Challenges

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Proverbs 30:5

It has been a little over two years now since we sold our home and started living the full time RV life. During that time we have traveled quite a bit and visited many places. One of the things that we do while traveling is to try and find a local church to attend on Sundays. You would think that this would be easy, but we have found it to be quite difficult.

The first step is usually quite easy, I Google churches in the area that we are in (it is only difficult if we have limited or no internet access). After getting a listing of the churches, I can easily dismiss most of them because of known doctrinal conflicts with the denominations. This leaves me with a pared down list to start researching.

With the internet so common now, most churches have web sites that give some kind of information about their particular church or denomination. Unfortunately, not all of the information is useful. A large number of churches whose websites I have visited either don’t state what they believe or state it in such a way as to mean nothing. I have become convinced that too many churches are so concerned about offending people that they won’t just what they believe. (I know, I have the same problem) While we may miss some good churches, we will not go to a church that won’t say what it believes. Their are far too many churches that have compromised their belief in the Bible as God’s Word. If they don’t believe the Bible, what do they believe and on what do they base their beliefs?

Here are a few categories of churches I have encountered (The descriptions are my own):

  • The Church of Wishful Thinking- We don’t know what the Bible says (or we ignore It), but we believe God will bless us because He wants us to be happy.
  • The Surgeon’s Church- If we don’t like something in the Bible, those things are obvious errors and can just be cut our and eliminated.
  • The Societal Church- The Bible is out of date and not relevant to today. Things are different now. The Bible and God need to be made relevant to society now.
  • The Scientific Church- If the Bible conflicts with ‘science’ then the Bible must be wrong.

2 Timothy 3:16-17



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