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Morning Story and Dilbert

Mornng Stoy and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
July 15, 2015

He was just sitting there.  Almost motionless, he looked off into the distance, blinking periodically and looking very much at peace.

“Ah, he drives me crazy,” the woman next to him said.

I was visiting a local nursing home early one morning and came into the great room, a large room with a high ceiling and huge windows.

The residents often gather there right after breakfast. There are no televisions, no music, just quiet reflection.

Visitors often spend time with their loved ones in this spot away from all the traffic in the hallways.

I introduced myself to the only two people there.  The woman smiled and said hello and the man barely raised his left hand to acknowledge me.

“He does this every morning,” she explained. “We hurry through our meal so that he has time to sit here quietly before the rest arrive.”

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